Trade tv show contestants like people trade

Buying at low prices and selling when the price is high.
So simple! it's like buying and selling tomatoes

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Very Simple

It's as simple as buying and selling tomatoes. Just enter price and quantity, then click buy or sell.

Guaranteed Buyers and Sellers

We guarantee a buyer or seller at the prevailing buying and selling price at any time.

For Everyone

No special training or skill is required. Use our live chat to ask all your questions.

Instant Naira CashOut

Get paid into your bank account within minutes. No minimum cashout amount!

Available Trades





Julia Jane



Julia Jane



Julia peters



Detailed video on how it Works


If your contestant(s) is evicted---the value of your emp drops to zero.

We guarantee that as long as the Emp price is not ZERO, you will always find a buyer to buy your emps at the prevailing selling price at that time.

There is no minimum. You can buy as much as you want.

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